Fresh Start

Another year come to end… and we can ask yourself some questions:;
what we’ve done this year different, what makes us a “better human being” or what we can do in the next year to be more satisfied, more happy with our life..?

When you realize how effective this year was for you, you ask yourself what happened exactly to make you feel that your life is changed in another direction.

Thankfully I started my blog in Germany only a few months ago. Believe me, it’s always a good time for a fresh start.
It’s never too late to just wake up and to do in life what you always wanted to do. Sometimes you have to take the risk.
I really believe when you like something to do – nothing can’t stop you. You just have to make a decision to start doing it.
Of course, it takes you some time to be aware of the possibility you have in the current moment in your life.
You need to ask yourself: When is the right time, when not now? When you have the feeling, that you need to start from scratch – just do it – don’t wait for the perfect situation.
It’ll never be the perfect situation. Do it now. Focus on this present moment in your life. You cannot turn the time back and see what happens.

A time changed but the meaning of fashion not too much. In the past, the job in the fashion industry was not respectable.
I hope we can see the difference in another 10 years. I think, it’s very important to see the change in the fashion industry. The influence of social media is making a huge difference.

I discovered also the the true about being a blogger. Too many stereotypes, too little of true. Too much disrespect for the fashion industry.
It has nothing to do with the reality. I disprove an another stereotype and I’m proud of it!

And what do you think? Do you believe, that the fashion industry is really changing now?

coat → Zara
jumpsuit → Twin Sister
shoes → Hugo Boss



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