Can you believe that we have already an end of November?

Today I realized that is such an unique time before Christmas. How many days till Christmas?

As always this time of the year, we start thinking about gifts and we start organizing ourselves before Christmas. How cute is to have a Christmas tree again?!

However, when it comes to gifts, I will still publish more soon here on my website.

This time, I would love to share with you some inspirations when it comes to one of my favourite British brands: Karen Millen.

This time, I would love to show you my new beautiful skirt, which I purchased recently:

Metallic Fleck Tweed A Line Skirt

What I love the most about this skirt is the quality, the price and the design.

This skirt has “this something” which reminds me about Chanel designs, which I saw¬† while watching some fashion shows a few years ago. And what I love the most about this skirt is how it makes me feel: chic and stylish!!

Top, which I am wearing is as well from Karen Millen website.

Let me know guys what you think about my look.

Love you,

xx Marzena


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