Taking My Satin Dress From NA-KD Into Castle Hotel

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Royal Wedding? Yes, it was an exceptional, unforgettable experience to be “digital” inviated through the possibilities of 21. century.

I was so incredibly happy to have an opportunity to visit exactly the town, where the wedding had a place: Windsor. Automatically, I felt in love with this town as well. Short trip on next Sunday? Hmm… it’s a something worth a consideration as well. And this place, this particular place just happened to be the perfect opportunity to wear my new beautiful summer dress. Pink dresses are just classic for summer, and I couldn’t resist getting this one.

Satin Dress NA-KD

Pink has always been one of my favorite summer colors.

When I saw this satin dress from NA-KD, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It immediately caught my eye. Most of all, it connects some of my favorite things in a dress – elegant, feminine, and summer vibes!

Finally, it’s made from a lightweight satin fabric, so it’s easy, breezy and comfortable.

Satin Dress NA-KD

Something flirty and fun? You can wear this fabulous satin dress to lunch or dinner together with a pair of glamorous high heels (in this case I’m wearing a dress, a pair of high heels and earrings from my partnership with NA-KD)

Satin Dress NA-KD

Aside from their ability to define a look, for me, the well chosen accessory or accessories can transform any outfit into an extraordinary one, and of course I’m talking about the jewellery. Why do I think that jewellery plays such an important part? Well…because jewellery more than any other accessory is giving the feel of an outfit, but also creates that perfect finishing touch that gives an ensemble polish and sophistication.

I’m a big fan of jewellery in general and I really love the way these earrings are fulfilling this look!

Satin Dress NA-KD

For today’s look, I paired it with black high heels with flowing rhinestone structure by NA-KD.

Satin Dress NA-KD

Satin Dress NA-KD
Satin Dress NA-KD
Satin Dress NA-KD

So what is your favorite summer color to wear? I’d love to know. Thank you so much for reading.

Wish you guys a lovely week !!!

Hugs and kisses,

Marzena aka Dreammerin


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