Never Settle For Less

In the reality, which seems to be equalized, we can easily forget the way we can choose what we perceive as true for us.

I highly believe that each of us has a human right to think independently.

Implementing habits, which are new and controversial are giving us a space to look around and to realise what is going on around the world.

We are growing and our personality changes all the time.

Our personality changed to fit our circumstances. We become the way that we act. There is said “fake it to make it”. Later we are not longer surprised that “new normal” is no longer “new” – we have new habits which are necessary to go through a “new reality”: 2021.

It would be great if adversity made you stronger but, it doesn’t, it makes you more vulnerable.


Whether you are a business owner, artist, salesperson, an entrepreneur or engineer, I know you are focused to be better in 2021.

2020 happened. I know. It happened. It is a part of the history.

We need to look to the future.

We have to start looking toward where we want to go.

What “if”? It doesn’t matter: “SHOW MUST GO ON” (Freddie Mercury).

In 2020 I realised that the first step in getting back on track to success was to rebuild my life, literally.

There are millions of people on this planet knowing they are living and operating below their potential. No one feels sorry for them. No one is going to help them. Dear, 2021… could we start programming January in the direction of being more positive?

Why settle for less? Why settle for one colour when you can have the rainbow? Don’t settle for less than what you are capable of. Those who suggest you should relax and settle for less than your potential are doing so because they are settling for less in their own lives. They gave up.

The problem is the world we’re living in. Who said you should be equal? Why should you settle for equality?

People are giving up not because they are having a lack of discipline. People are failing in life because they are demotivated by the environment, by the reality and there will be many ambitious people who gave a power away. The freedom of choice. Being free is a choice. Thinking for yourself is a choice. Turning off the news. Conscious choice of turning off the “negativity”.

By being self-aware I can choose if I want to be brainwashed by negative energy or listen to people, who can empower my mind. Not only my subconscious mind. I need to switch my mind into positivity each single day.

Currently I read a book one more time “Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill.

Which book are you currently reading?


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