We step outside the comfort zone, this is the only way to grow. Noticing the bright side of the life, we create the most beautiful memories transforming the reality into something more.

Did you ask yourself why we are so united in our differences? Why not to use it to let each other grow? We all do our best and sometimes it feels like we cannot make our dreams happen. Our results are not visible because we think we are not good enough. We are creators. In our hands is our future. All we have to do is to stay strong. One step at a time. Do you see your progress? Do you see your little efforts, endless improvements, trying to be a better person every single day? How would your life be different if you would get the help you need. How would you feel if you would overcome your struggles? You know you can. Why would you self-sabotage yourself? Don’t cut your wings by doing the same thing, by repeating mistakes. Albert Einstein said that the insanity is doing the same things but expecting the different results.

So why not to give our POWER to the beautiful side of our life? Noticing beauty, supporting each other, because we rise by lifting other. We go through a new reality, a new unknown. Our grandparents would be proud this time. The spirit of their reality is here, present. The friend of mine has been reading a book lately: “Security Analysis” by Benjamin Graham. Everything changed after 1929. Now we are participating in a common responsibility. Our mindset changed through grow, our destiny is in our hands. Our future is in our personal responsibility by choosing a POSITIVE THINKING. So let’s go this time, 2021.. EGO is here, ready to compare with different life paths. LET GO OF EGO. CONQUER YOUR MIND. Are you too old? You know it is not true. YOU CAN CHOSE A PATH TO RISE ABOVE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES or you can chose a pattern to blame others…

How many mirrors did you have? Which shape? How about an idea to order a new one? New apartment, new year, new people in your life and new you. Free from self-blame and self-sabotage.

The book, which you should write one day is not written. Would you ask yourself later…why? WHY wouldn’t you write a book, start a new business, why would you self-sabotage your future? Your life and your future is in your hands.

You see yourself through judgement of others.

People say: “no, it wasn’t working and I don’t believe in it anymore”. They already convinced themselves enough that they will fail. They lost their values and belief system. Still alive but in a new way of thinking. New dress, new iPhone, new car to impress people they don’t even like, to prove them to be right.

How about your life?

If she wouldn’t complain how would you feel?

You are not given this life to suffer because you are alone. I know you are lonely but let’s stop complaining and let’s fight.

You go to the mirror to write: “I AM STRONG”.

We do our routine, we repeat our basics: WE EAT HEALTHY, WE TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES and by doing so…we take care of others. We need our common effort. We take care of ourselves and if we are taking care of ourselves, we rise beyond our circumstances.

But what if I will fail? What if I will not be strong enough to go through a new chapter of life?

We are all doing our best, day by day, month by month, year by year.

We see ourselves stuck, we cannot move. We wake up each day trying to be busy and we are waking up with emptiness. It is a new day, a new page, new people and HOPE for a better future.

You have to let go, it is not your life purpose to convince them to give you an another chance. You tried, you gave your best deep down within your spirit you know it.

You are stubborn, you need to fight your ego. Did you convince yourself enough that she would make you happy? You give your power away. You think you are so attached and dependent that only the second person can make you happy. You could fix it but they didn’t listen. Put a make up on it, put a fake smile, fight it. We do our best every single day.

Have a little fun. I know you are doing your best. Be proud of you a little bit.

Subconscious fear is here, ready to manifest. Are you giving your power away? Do not allow the fear to stop you. You didn’t know then what you do know now.


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