White Sneakers

Keep it cool

There’s no better time in Europe to wear white sneakers during these spring and summer seasons.
This look is a casual outfit for travelling and for the weekends. We can also wear it on normal days of the week. If you pair this outfit with some jewellery item, it’s the perfect combination of casual and stylish. For me, these sneakers, which I found with TKMaxx, are the great choice and they feel comfortable at all temperatures of spring and summer.

Keep it cool

Keep it cool

Keep it cool

Keep it cool

Keep it cool

With this gorgeous black blouse and jacket combined with white sneakers, I feel ready for spring and the summer season to come.

Keep it cool

Keep it cool

Do you also have lovely pieces in your wardrobe for this spring?

Keep it cool

sneakers → Calvin Klein
blouse → Reserved
jewellery → COS
jacket → Hallhuber
watch → Steal Time Back
sunglasses → Giorgio Armani
jeans → Only (Vero Moda)



  1. Art ThisIsArt
    2016-04-13 / 11:57 am

    Wauw you look so nice in this outfit!
    Too bad my white sneakers don’t stay white for a very long time XD



  2. 2016-04-13 / 12:38 pm

    White sneakers are classic and must have for anyone. I love how you combined, great taste!

  3. 2016-04-13 / 12:45 pm

    A fab outfit, love that the white sneakers just finished it off perfectly!

  4. Imogen Beth Clegg
    2016-04-13 / 1:47 pm

    I love the contrast between the dark outfit and white trainers, really looks pretty and carefree 🙂

  5. Amy Scott
    2016-04-13 / 2:35 pm

    I’ve been wild about this rend since I was a child. White sneakers are just super sleek and stylish! So cute with summer dresses too!

  6. 2016-04-13 / 4:01 pm

    I have a white and navy pair of trainers that I just took on a short holiday to Mallorca and they integrated perfectly with the sunny beach scenery. The only thing that I don#t like at white trainers is that they get dirty really quick.

  7. Alison Bergstrom Grant
    2016-04-13 / 5:14 pm

    I love these. They are practical and still so cute to run around all day with. These would be great for vacationing, too!

  8. 2016-04-13 / 6:19 pm

    Love your white sneakers. So cute yet so statement at the same time!

  9. 2016-04-13 / 6:46 pm

    They really suit you, they look so comfortable and I love the unique necklace too x

  10. The Practical Saver
    2016-04-14 / 3:32 am

    love the snickers. I’ve always loved wearing sneakers. They’re simple and easy to wear.

  11. Carrie Chady Rundhaug
    2016-04-14 / 6:03 am

    Love the outfit! In most of Europe you can wear white sneakers! Unfortunately not here in Northern Norway yet! ;( We still have snow! Soon though! Also Im totally in love with the blouse!

  12. Jessica
    2016-04-15 / 11:37 am

    You can never go wrong with White Sneakers, but depending where you are. It’s not helpful during rainy season.

  13. 2016-04-17 / 12:37 am

    I love white sneakers. One of the basic outfit everyone must have.

  14. Ester Garufi
    2016-04-20 / 8:10 am

    A good pair of white sneaker saves your day! Great outfit 😀

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